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how will three withdrawals impact my application

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I am a junior double majoring in math and psych, thinking to apply for masters in stat or Ph.D. in quantitative psych. I am currently struggling in real analysis - I handwritten the class notes two times, and still cannot do a single homework problem. I just cannot do proofs no matter how hard I try. I spent days trying to understand the definitions, but I just cannot use them. To the point where I know what the problem is asking and I can write down the relevant definitions word by word, but I just cannot formulate rigorous proofs. I don't know what else I could do except withdrawing from the class.

But I had one withdraw from freshmen year (an econ class), and another from last semester (a philosophy class) - I wonder how bad does it look if I have another W on my transcript. By memorizing the HW solutions, I could probably get a C in this analysis class. I am currently having a 3.61 GPA. All my other classes are fine. Should I withdraw from the course?

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If I were in your shoes, I would ask for help from your school's math lab. And from your teacher. And from TAs. And if that doesn't work, hire a personal tutor. If that doesn't work, withdraw from the class but keep your textbook. Work through it as if you were taking the class. then take the class again. A "W" is harmless on a transcript.

If you get a C, you can also retake the class possibly for a higher grade. Did you know the average math bachelors GPA is 2.9?


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