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NSERC C/PGSD 2019-2020

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Hey everyone, as someone who went through this last year I just wanted to chime in. It seems that results were sent out mid-March for years 2017 and prior. Last year the results were sent out lat

Yeah, I'm less than impressed.... Thanks to everyone who posted anything they knew here though - I would've been so lost otherwise. For some reason I thought being a direct applicant to NSERC would me

Yea I would have been much happier if they could have sent an email on the 28 saying "offers of funding will be sent by email to succesful applicants on March 29. Non succesful applicants will be mail

6 hours ago, saugaboy said:

For those whose award start date was May 1st, anyone been paid yet?
I have received their $5 direct deposit confirmation email/deposit but haven't heard any other news.

I didn't even get that direct deposit confirmation.

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1 hour ago, spin_ice said:

I didn't even get that direct deposit confirmation.

okay, an fyi, my paperwork was confirmed/finalized as of April 24th, received direct deposit confirmation of $5 May 3rd. I 

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