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33 minutes ago, arbie said:

Just sent off decisions from the Madison airport as my plane is boarding. Literally. 

Turns out my user icon was prophetic—burnt orange all the way. Headed to UT Austin in the fall!

Congrats on making your decision! I know Texas is a big state, but maybe I’ll run into you at a conference or something in the future!

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Just got an email that I got the tuition waiver + the stipend at Villanova! Will be confirming my acceptance of the offer tonight!

Officially going to UVA! Thanks to everyone who has helped with advice, information, and just generally making this community the supportive place it is. I've been here for 3 years now and I'm gl

I couldn't have put it better myself. I just accepted my offer at Yale — see you in New Haven?  

4 hours ago, kd1990 said:


A collaboration thread would be pretty cool. Especially since it can be difficult to begin collaborations in the field. I also wonder if it would be good to have something where grad students can talk about their research and potential fits in programs. Forgive me if this gets a bit stream of consciousness like as I am thinking of it as I go and read a lot of Joyce and Woolf. But a collaboration thread could also help those researching programs. As we know, it is impossible to research all the grad programs out there. So for those lucky enough to have been accepted to either a MA or Ph.D. program, we can help those either looking to get into grad school or those wanting to go from MA to Ph.D. Particularly those of us in Ph.D. programs can draw back on their research/comment on their current programs and help those looking for fits in their field of interest. Think of it as reaching out to current grad students, but maybe in a more familiar surrounding. I hope this makes sense.

This is so smart! Like not only can we collab across programs and after, but we can also be a clear resource for those who are just starting their process! And it'd be like a lower-stakes way for applicants to get in touch w current grad students.

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