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Has anyone done this exchange? I'm really curious about it but can't seem to find as much info as I would like. How feasible is it? Can you do it more than once (it seems like you can)? Is it more difficult at some schools than at others? Does it change the conditions of your stipend? 

If anybody has any info on this, it would be much appreciated! Hope y'all are having a peaceful decision season (or at least as non-stressful as is possible lol)

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28 minutes ago, dilby said:

owo I did not know about this at all, and it could potentially allow me to work with some of the major POIs put other schools higher up on my list than Yale

thank u for bringing this to my attention 🙏

No Problem! Same for me. It sounds amazing, so I'm trying to make sure it's not too good to be true haha

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Lmao. You need a good reason to go to that other school. Also, once you begin your PhD studies at a school, the transition is a real thing (moving, literally and figuratively, is NOT easy). Most people I know wanted to stay through the second year to solidify their connections in the school (faculty, other grad students). By the third year, you have to do generals / think about your dissertation. The IvyPlus isn't as feasible as you might think... not due to institutional limits (there aren't really many), but just because of the labor you have to do to learn the rules of your PhD school.

Maybe you could do it your fourth year, though? But then again, you might feel kind of done with classes by then...

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