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To All the Programs I love...Why the f@$#! are ya'll Stragglin'

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M.A. + 2 Ph.D. So far, I am 1/1/3 (a/w/r), though I'd prefer to think of it as 0/*2/3 since I'm waitlisted (first in line) for funding and I ain't going without funding!! As for the remaining three programs, I've not heard a peep! I applied to Bowling Green State's Ph.D. (I love that program!), and although word is that 'acceptance' and 'waitlist' people were notified early March, I've not heard a damn thing! I've been eagerly awaiting my rejection letter ever since I heard that...but nothing! I applied to Florida State's M.A. well before the deadline for funding consideration...nothing. I also applied to Ole Miss's M.A. (a few days before the deadline), yet that one should be forthcoming not long after its recent deadline. All things considered, I wish BGSU would reject me already! I wish FSU would come crawling out of their swamp!! As for my waitlist programs, I wish they'd admit or knock me already! 

This season is a stressful one. To top it off, I was rejected by a program whose Director or Chair while stating that there were 'some very nice' things in my application (whichever...) basically commented that my writing sample was not only good but 'very' good. Like, what?! I mean, okay, then what else is there (besides the shortcomings I'm trying to atone for by writing such a good paper as well as the--relatively speaking--experienced CV it helped build!!!)??

Who here feels me?

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