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hi guys! I just committed to the neuro phd program at vanderbilt, but i've been doing speech and language neuroscience work for the past year and plan on moving into sensory/auditory neuroscience for my PhD research. I know its kinda early since it isn't even April 15th yet, but I've been browsing apartments (I'm a think ahead planner kinda person and the whole idea of moving across the country is starting to get to me) and realized that while 1 bedrooms/studios close to campus are more affordable than most places (under $1,200 a month), having at least 1 roommate makes a HUGE difference (rent goes down to like, $500-$850 a month each person). If anyone is interested in the possibility of being roommates and moving in somewhere August 1st, feel free to DM me here or on twitter (@adriana_et_al). I was planning on looking around Hillsboro, the Gulch, West End, Midtown, and Music Row areas (but Hillsboro seems super cute so I feel like that might be the most ideal). 

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14 hours ago, mwslp said:

Does someone from Vanderbilt create this group or do we have to make it? Would love to start getting to know everyone/working on finding a roommate? 

I think a student typically makes one

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