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Advice Needed!! Master's or mid-tier PhD

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if you're patient and diligent that could work out nicely in your favor

I'm saying that as someone finishing a master's a a top-10 university who has been working as an RA for two professors during my time here as well. While everyone is different, this cycle has been very lucky for me and I have been accepted at C,H,Y, and P from CHYMPS, as well as NYU and Berkeley



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On 4/12/2019 at 3:41 PM, Chronicoverthinker said:

Technically, yes, although the funding package isn't quite as good as I've seen some other schools offer.

This is really a tough decision to make. As someone who struck out on applications, I'd lean toward the funded program because you aren't guaranteed something better. At the same time, an MA makes getting your PhD easier (just because you've read more high-level academic work) and it really could help you get into a better program. I know that's not really all that helpful, lol

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