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Sure thing --

I heard from a contact at the Lab that the odds were "1/5 maybe?" and that traditionally each group puts 1 or 2 on the waitlist for 1 or 2 spots. (this gave me the idea that waitlists are essentially group specific).

The numbers I have heard from this year (I don't remember from where, so take them with a grain of salt) were that ~700 applied and ~40 were accepted.

Several people were debating the merits of waiting for a year to re-apply if they had been put on the waitlist, and most were suggesting that it would not be a good idea. I added my two cents which were that I have no wisdom in that regard, but that I would really suggest contacting the professor that leads the group you think you were waitlisted in to ask about what your status means and (if you plan on applying again) what about your application caused them to hesitate. So long as you are smart about what you say, communication like that gets your name out, gets you some potential information, and can't hurt.

I also mentioned that I was the guy who was lucky enough to be moved off of the waitlist. I had applied to Viral Communication, Human Dynamics, and Information Ecology -- I was accepted into Information Ecology. Again, contact the professors!

I think that wraps it up...

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Thanks for the advice slifty and congrats! My fella didn't apply to any of the groups you listed so, you know, there is still a chance. Suffice to say it is all "in the works" so to speak. He is back in Boston meeting with folks!

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