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UVA vs Syracuse SLP masters

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Im trying to choose between UVA and Syracuse to do a masters in speech pathology! If anyone has personal experiences with these programs, or any considerations when deciding between schools, and wants to share, please do! 

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I'm graduating from UVA in a month and am currently taking some graduate courses since I'm done with the normal Undergrad requirements, and pretty much all of the undergrad CSD professors are also the Grad professors. I can't speak for Syracuse, but personally I did not like the way things at the UVA grad program looked. I think its  great program if you come in as a "Track II" student, bit I feel the program is disorganized and honestly lacking for the "reputation" UVA has. The teachers are disorganized and many don't really know how to teach (there are some great teachers though!). I honestly didn't bother applying. This obviously comes from my own subjective opinion and my own dealings with the professors and being in the undergraduate courses. It just didn't suit what I was looking for. Charlottesville is a great city though and of course there are tons of opportunities around and its pretty easy to get involved. Best of luck!

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