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Hi guys! Do any of you know of any spring admission programs?

I know there's already a few list like this but they're a few years old with invalid info.

So far I know there is Baylor, URI and Strose.



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Hi! I have a list going and was going to make a separate thread but I’ll post here. This is just what I found on the Edfind site if anyone knows whether a school I listed doesn’t actually have spring admission let me know and I’ll edit the post!

University of Rhode Island 

University of Central Florida 

Alabam A&M

Baylor University 

University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences 

University of Texas at Dallas

University of Texas HSC San Antonio 

University of Northern Iowa 

Eastern New Mexico University 

Clarion University of Pennsylvania (spring & summer) 

College of Saint Rose 

Eastern Michigan University 

Kansas State University (spring & summer) 

Kent State University 

LIU Brooklyn 

LIU Post 

Louisian State University and A&M College 

New York University (spring & summer) 

Nova Southeastern University (spring & summer) 

Slaus University 

Southeast Louisiana University 


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