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Hey Folks,  I'm sending positive energy to all who have been following this thread for the past few months. Today is (most likely) going to be the day that many of us have been waiting years for.

HGSE Interviewees: Congratulations!! Could you share which program you’re interviewing with?

Hi all, Excitedly/nervously/hopefully just submitting my application...was worried when one LOR writer was taking a LOT longer than they said they would, but got the confirmation it is in now.

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It feels so surreal that the decision date has finally come. I’m so nervous that I’m not even sure if I want to check right away once the decisions are sent out. Good luck to everyone! I strongly feel as though you will all go far in your careers and future endeavors. I’ve been so impressed reading through everyone’s stats, experience, and personal motives within the education field. HGSE would be fortunate to have any of you.

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Lol--I kept refreshing the page, and didn't realize that we'd added a page 7. I was like--where is everyone!?!?! Good luck, all! And @Rooj, I can just imagine how sleepless this night is for you! All of us on EST are lucky there at least! 😅 Hope you all have a fantastic evening/night/morning/afternoon wherever you are, and whatever the outcome!

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3 minutes ago, teaspoonmoon said:

Go check the admission portal-- I don't have an email yet, but in the application portal I now have an enrollment decision form to either accept or deny my admission.


Good luck everyone!!!

OMG thanks for the info. I am gonna check my portal now. Wish me good luck

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I'm so confused, seems like everyone's getting it. i thought it was acceptance and became furiously happy for a second. please harvard if it's an error or something I'll be so pissed. 

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