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How do I ask for a job after the conference?

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Hey guys, so there was a conference at my university few months ago and I was presenting. So one of the companies attending the conference got interested in my work. They even wanted to have a meeting with me and my advisor and the whole team to discuss what we can do for them. So long story short, I ended up using their sample in my work. Anyway, now, the thing is I'm trying to figure out how to approach the VP of that company about the job. Like how do I ask him if they can give me a job? And I'm graduating this semester. And honestly, he praised my work a lot of times saying "really good presentation, I enjoyed it" and stuff, but when I actually messaged him few days later if there are any internships at their company and he said no and that they are too small for that. So I don't know if that means also "no" to giving me a full-time job or I should give it a try.

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Well you could find out where they post job openings or ask if they are accepting resumes, but it seems like if there were full time opportunities available that would have been mentioned when you asked about internship opportunities.  You could also request a meeting for networking purposes and get some advice/suggestions on your current job search and see if he knows of any opportunities at his company or in the field or can suggest a professional association or conference that may expand your options.

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