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2020 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants

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Got an email at 3:57 p.m. to check my grad portal for UAlberta.  Please confirm I'm not dreaming!?!  I got accepted into UAlberta's SCCP MEd program!!!!!  I'm SO happy!  I've been working toward this

Got my official offer via email today for UCalgary's MSc in School & Applied Child Psych!  The deadline to accept is March 7, so I do hope I hear from UAlberta and OISE before then, so I can make

The start of another week... I am so hoping for some good news this week for all of us! If you're feeling frustrated, down on yourself, swirling in self-doubt, and constantly wondering if you're "good

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7 minutes ago, sunflowxr said:

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone's heard from the following schools: 

UTSC clinical 

McGill Clinical 

OISE Clinical (either children or the generic) 


Thanks :)

Based on the results page it looks like some got an offer from UTSC (not sure if they've finished sending out all 1st round offers yet though)

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3 hours ago, Penguin321 said:

I received an very generic email from someone in graduate studies at Queen's about a webinar. I haven't heard anything from my POI since before I submitted my application and I know others have received interviews, so i'm like 90% sure im rejected. Is this just a general email that all CGS-M applicants for Queen's get,regardless of application status (I haven't been declined, but also nothing else has happened)? 

EDIT: also, should I follow up with my POI? This is my first time applying, so I'm not sure if it's acceptable or not. We did share a few emails back and forth in October but nothing crazy. 

I applied to CGS-M at Queen's and got the email too. Last week I got an email rejection after the first round of interviews from the professor I applied to. I haven't received an official rejection from the school yet. 

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10 hours ago, Yeye said:

For our purposes, it means the same thing 😕

But it does mean that it wasn't necessarily that your application wasn't strong enough, just that there wasn't a good fit with the professors recruiting students this cycle. Were you in touch with a prof before applying?

I see. Oh well, it meas at least someone more suitable will find their places in the school so that's good :)
Well, I tried contacting them but haven't heard anything back... maybe it didn't go well from the first step...!

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7 minutes ago, VanessaB said:

Has anyone received any updates about UAlberta’s SCCP MEd program?  I see the counselling program has started sending out notifications.

Haven't heard from SCCP Alberta yet!

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52 minutes ago, SoundofSilence said:

oh? so is Ottawa already done making decisions?

Hmm, unfortunately I'm not sure, but they are certainly in the process of finalizing things based on the information I got. I encourage you to follow up with your POI if you've been corresponding or speaking with them. It sucked finding out I was out of the running but it is better than waiting!

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