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Canadian SLP - Brock Speech and Language Sciences Post Grad Cert

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Hi everyone! 

I am looking into taking my pre-req courses for SLP and came across the post grad cert in Speech and Language Sciences at Brock. I like the idea that you get a certificate but do grad schools look favourably upon it? 

I’ve also taken into consideration that i would have to take 5 courses a term for the certificate, which might affect my grades versus if I only take 2-3 pre req courses on my own per term.  

Brock is quite far from where I live (Toronto) so I will also have to rent a place. 

My alternative option would be to do the CDA program from Durham then take the pre req courses on the side so I can get some clinical experience/have a back up plan if I don’t get into grad school. 

If anyone has done the cert, could you share if it’s worth doing or am I better off just taking the courses separately? 

Any help is appreciated, thanks! 

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I’m not sure about Canadian schools BUT I know US grad schools don’t always care if you level or have your degree in communication disorders. I am in my first semester of grad school and half of my cohort is people like me who have our degree in communication disorders and half that leveled. It really comes down to your GPA, GRE scores, letter of intent and recommendation letters/interviews. It sounds like what you’re looking at is the US equivalent of leveling. 5 courses per term sounds like a lot, but it’s not. I’m betting there is an observation course each term, which should fulfill your university-directed observation requirements. Here in the states ASHA allows your grad program to count 25 hours of your undergraduate observation/practicum hours towards our 400 hours of required practicum for grad school. I bet it’s not too different. Good luck!

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I guess I just want it as a backup plan if I don’t get into grad school.. at least having a cert can possibly get me something like a SLPA job vs. wasting all my time taking the prereq courses on its own and not having a cert + not getting into grad school. 

It’s comforting to hear that 5 courses isn’t a lot haha there will be an observation course. Thanks for your help!

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No problem! In the US, you apply for SLPA license in the state you’re in. Since I have my bachelors in comm disorders, I had fulfilled my requirements for license. Most leveling people are ok too, just depends on the university. I am working as a SLPA and going to grad school now. I’ve been a SLPA for 4 years and just now started grad school. Now I didn’t apply each year- I wanted to go through the program I’m in now because it’s designed to allow me to work while going to school. I have to work- I have a family to help support, so quitting and going to grad school on campus is not possible for me. Anyways, my grad school only has application cycles once every 2 years. Good luck and it’s good you have a back up. It has helped me already that I’ve worked in the field. 

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