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Best Anthro departments with a Media studies focus?

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So I have just started going through various Anthro departments and am broadly trying to identify departments that have a strong media studies focus. I am not keen on applying to Media/ Cinema studies departments and am instead curious if there are any Anthro departments that seem to really stand out on that front? Any potential POI's that one must look at? NYU is one place that appears to be quite popular.  

I plan on applying this Fall (first cycle) and have just started this very daunting process. Not sure if the forum is very active at this point in time but if there are recommendations that come to mind, please feel free to suggest. Could do with any help. 

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If you are interested in things like ethnographic filmmaking, I would check out programs at UPenn and Columbia. The hot term for this right now is "experimental ethnography". Also, I good route to go for finding programs is to find research you would like to do (be that articles, films, etc) and find out who did that research. Finding programs is not a quick or easy thing, but they're out there! Good luck!

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Columbia is an obvious choice since Brian Larkin is there. I also recommend looking into The New School's Anthro program because I just realized that Shannon Mattern was promoted as a full professor and she's one of the most exciting media studies scholars out there! 

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