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my first GRADCAFE GRE issue writing

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 This is my first GRE issue writing. The topic is " The best way to teach is to praise positive actions and ignore negative ones". I look forward to reviews. Thank you.

Praising positive actions is definitely one of the best ways of teaching. By instilling positiveness and encouraging a student’s behavior, we can plant confidence in their minds and souls. Confidence is crucial to one’s development in that life is full of ups and downs, but confidence helps one set up their goals, be resolute and never set back when met with difficulties. In the book of a famous educator, Emile: ou De l’education, we witnessed cases of loving and nurturing parenting that make a child from mediocre to excellence. Positive education is the initiating agency that helps brought out the best of children.
Secondly, there are rules to follow through praising positive actions. By emphasizing positive behavior, the teachers leave an impression on students’ minds about what is right or wrong. Therefore, students not only have a real role model around their lives, which can be a positive trigger, but also, have a live ‘behavior code book’ to follow. For example, students learn how to cooperate with others by watching and observing teachers encourage group projects. On the other hand, too much appraisement of a particular student may make him proud, also, the student is likely to become the teacher’s ‘pet’, hence he or she might be isolated. 

Last but not least, there are other good ways to teach, for example, giving clear instructions, scaffolding, doing active in-class activities such as jingsaw, and doing experiments. Therefore, there are no priorities among these methods of teaching. Moreover, prasial of positive actions does not necessarily stand for ignoring negative ones. Students are all like tree buds, only through trimming and pointing where they need to improve, can students prosper into big trees. For example, during class, if a student talks so loud with his neighbors, it is the teacher’s obligation to stop him on time and remind others that it is inappropriate to disturb others when they are learning, so that students get a clear idea of what appropriate in-class behavior shall be. Therefore, I firmly stand that positive actions shall be praised timely as an encouragement, whereas misbehavior shall be pointed out wisely and help students correctify them. 

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Disclaimer: I lack experience in evaluating GRE texts, so forgive me if I deviate from the mean.

The argument was "praise positive actions and ignore negative ones is THE BEST"; you said, first, "it's one of the best", and in the last paragraph you wrote "there are no priorities among these methods of teaching". Although your text ran like you were agreeing with the argument, you were in fact disagreeing. I would pay attention to that, try to be more emphatic in agreeing or confronting.

4/6, I guess

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