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NSF GRFP 2019-2020

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Good luck to everyone! I was super impatient to hear back (hence making that whole chart thing) and was planning on staying up until GRFP results were posted, but we had to go to the vet to put my fam

Buckle your seatbelts everyone...

While waiting for my code to run for the paper I'm working on, I looked at the NSF threads from the past couple years and found for each year when maintenance was announced (or at least when someone p

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I got it! My advisor recommended I apply as an undergrad since the competition is lighter and I'm glad I did! The grad program I'm attending gives you extra money as an incentive if you get outside funding, so graduate school is shaping up to be very nice for me.

Super proud of everyone else who applied too! GJ everyone!!! :)

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Omg I got it!! As a 2nd year PhD too!!! So happy/surprised, especially after getting soundly rejected when I applied 2 years ago (on top of getting rejected from almost every grad school I applied to ugh).

To everyone who didn't get it: I'm sorry. I understand how demoralizing it feels. 😕 

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For my fellow HMs - anyone now holding out hope that some people will decline their awards? 😂😂 I’ve heard of a few late fellowships being given in past years if funding is available after the deadline for acceptance.

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