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NDSEG 2019-2020

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I realized this situation reminded me of something, so I made this GIF.  I hope a little humor will help hold us over until Friday. Good luck y'all!      

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Just now, GoldenDog said:

Basically, there is no healthy reason to worry about the dates.

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not worried anymore - I just find some perverse enjoyment in coming up with ever more ridiculous explanations for them with the full acknowledgement that I have no basis for doing so.

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All I know is that I would absolutely love to see at least one person in the December Gang find out that they made the cut. That would absolutely make my day. To feel like we were cut almost immediately (I know I struggle to shake that feeling) and then get surprised with a "You're In!"


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1 minute ago, petrPCB said:

They're all still running COBOL, like our banking system.

Wonder if letting them know about my COBOL to Java/JOBOL migration services would help them make my decision just that much faster.........🤔

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1 hour ago, pchemp said:

I'm 12/5. It's interesting how some people have their last update around 12/20-23. while some like us have our last updates before the due date. If the dates meant selection rounds, then it makes sense that there'd be an initial cutoff for GPA screening and such. But what does it mean for us? Did we just screw up our applications somehow and we didn't even make it to an initial round? Were our BAAs/disciplines just not up for funding? It's a mystery. 

For what it is worth, my last update was the day SysPlus updated my application with the corrected BAA (ARO). I had a typo in my submission and they helped me fix it, with no updates since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed DecemberGang isn't as worthless as we probably think we are

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2 minutes ago, BCHGang said:

The sheer number of views. People must be wondering what is going on in this thread !

It's mostly just the posters in that view count. We're just really anxious

Edited by petrPCB
corrected myself
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