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NDSEG 2019-2020

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I realized this situation reminded me of something, so I made this GIF.  I hope a little humor will help hold us over until Friday. Good luck y'all!      

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So has anyone who is part of ~DecemberGang~ received any recent date update at all? Just to add my data point, I applied to Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences (ARO) and my last update was 12/23.

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I added in some new columns to the spreadsheet just for extra data (because we all love data, and because I have insomnia) :  Undergrad GPA, Grad GPA, and GRE scores. The 'easier_summary' tab averages them by branch and date. I suspect we'll see no real difference anywhere though, but perhaps it will help us all with post-processing the decisions?

edit: GPA intended to be a 4.0 scale, although that potentially varies?

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3 minutes ago, cellbiogal said:

I don't have high hopes for today. Since they already blew past the April 15th deadline they no longer have incentive to release results by a certain date. I think we're probably looking at a Monday release, at the earliest. 

They do have an incentive - it's called getting us to stop emailing them 😆

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