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Utah State University Psyc PhD

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TW: Racism, suicide, bullying



Hi everyone,

I thought I would share this post, just in case any international students are thinking of applying to Utah State University's psyc program:

Jerusha Sanjeevi, an international Ph.D. psychology student studying at Utah State University from Malaysia died by suicide as a result of racial abuse from several Ph.D. psychology students and the university's neglect to address any of these issues. According to the article, she spoke to five different faculty members and even the counselor at the school's counselling centre who all brushed off her concerns. The university released a statement that they believe that they took all the appropriate actions required to address the issues between the students (which says a lot about the program and university itself). Moreover, it is extremely frustrating that the bullies are Ph.D. students who should know better (I really hope that these students are not becoming clinical psychologists who intend to work with vulnerable populations..)




Update: ironically enough, turns out the two students who bullied the international students are both clinical psychology students who specialize in cultural minority research......

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That is really disheartening to hear. Thank you for sharing. I hope the University takes a good look in the mirror (although given their apathy towards the situation, I doubt it). Maybe we could share this story and hopefully it will put some pressure on the university?

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