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Grad school apps for speech pathology?

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Hi everyone! I'm starting to apply for grad programs in speech pathology. I'm a little worried. My overall GPA was a 3.25 (major was a 3.75) and I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I know my scores wont be good (i'm terrible at standardized tests).  I'm wondering if anyone was in the same boat and what schools they applied for? And if you got into any of these programs? Please list which schools!!! I'm working as a speech-language pathologist assistant in schools right now so I'm certain my letters of reference will be good (I'm asking my supervising SLP and an OT) but still pretty worried because of GPA and GRE scores.

If you could list which schools you were accepted to, that'd be very helpful. I don't have the money to apply to 10 different programs and I'm hoping to get into University of Colorado at Boulder. I did my undergrad there and loved it. 

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