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Questions for Psych Grad Students

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I have an assignment for my professional psych class to ask a few questions to current and recent grad students, hopefully some of you will have the time and interest in responding (fingers crossed)

 Current Students:

What do you think about your courses, the topic, professors? What are the required courses like? Every major has its most challenging set of courses: What are those courses? Why are they considered challenging? What about the professors? Do you have out-of-class interactions with faculty? What kind? What out-of-class experiences are available?

And for recent Graduates:

❑ What was the job search like?

❑ What kinds of jobs did you seek?

❑ How were you received by potential employers?

❑ Where were you hired?

❑ How well does your job match your expectations?

❑ What are the positive and negative features of your work?

❑ What role, if any, did your major play in your job search and career?

❑ Do you feel that your major prepared you for your job?

❑ If you could do it again, what major would you choose? Why? (lol. hopefully you are satisfied with your decision)

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