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MSW Applications Fall 2020

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Hello All!


I am currently in the application process for MSW programs for Fall 2020. I applied to 7 schools and have heard back from 2 so far! I created this post to discuss the application process, decision, stats and any insight anyone can share. How is everyone else's applications going? 

Schools I'm applying to:


George Mason University - Applied 10/01/2019 - Accepted

University of Maryland - Applied 10/04/19

Rutgers University - Applied 11/3/19

Boston College - Applied 10/29/2019

Boston University 

University of Illinois - Chicago - Applied 10/01/19 - Accepted

University of Chicago

University of Texas - Austin - Applied 10/23/2019

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You are ahead of the game! Or at least, I am not finished applying.

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Thanks! This was actually my first time applying for Graduate programs, I have been researching and preparing since June! I feel that because I am a career changer, I had to do alot more research to make sure this was right for me! I also wanted to get applications out of the way so I can go back to focusing on my job and saving up for tuition from now. I just submitted an application to Columbia as well today. ( I also wanted to find out sooner than later if I could get into a program. )


What schools are you applying to LisaOh?

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Beyond happy that this thread exists!! I'm going to be applying to schools in Philadelphia and my SO and I are moving there soon--would love some recs on personal statement writing as I've previously applied to Clinical Psych PhD programs and the personal statements for MSW programs seem super different. Also, have either of you looked at MFT programs? I'm curious as someone who wants to do more micro SW whether I should be applying to MFT programs as well. Luckily, Philly has a LOT of schools so I have options (I hope)

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Right? I tried to find one for weeks and didn't see anything recent. And philly sounds exciting! My husband and I were considering that area as well. Where are you moving from? We are looking to move from the midwest to East Coast, but we shall see! What kind of recommendations are you looking for on your personal statements? Like topics? I am not sure what the requirements for Clinical Pysch PhD programs are but I imagine the writing has to be more evidence based? Where I have found all my MSW statements to be more subjective but still formal. I actually have not considered MFT programs and very unfamiliar with it. I personally like that with a MSW, you can shift your job to a wide scope of direct practice. This is still a newer area, so I constantly am learning all the things you could do with a MSW and it's so exciting!

What schools are you considering in Philly? Are you familiar with Rutgers University? I am really hoping to get an acceptance there and it's one of my top picks for the East Coast, if I were to move to the East Coast.

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I am actually applying for both MSW and PhD Programs, mainly focusing on MSW/PhD programs. Since they have small acceptance rates, I am applying to what I feel is a lot. I am also considering applying to some solo MSW programs, but right now, those applications are not my top priority. 

MSW/PhD Programs:
- U Michigan
- Berkeley
- U Chicago
- Rutgers
- U Penn
- Boston College
- Possibly Wisconsin & Pitt

Also considering for MSW or just PhD programs:
- Denver
- Hunter College
- Columbia
- Illinois - Chicago
- U Washington

I live in Maryland now, but I want to leave. I use to live in NYC and loved it. So, I would like to return, but there are no joint programs there.

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