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Should I still ask for an LOR even though I have only known them for a short amount of time?

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I am reapplying for the MSW program this year.  I have 3 people in mind for my reference forms. I am applying to CSU's mainly. Here are my choices:

1. I took a class with this professor about a year ago. I asked him to be my reference last year and he said yes. I am planning to meet with him this week.

2. I am currently taking a social work class and have asked the professor if she is able to. She said yes. I have only known her for a few months.

3. I have been volunteering at a hospital and plan to ask my supervisor. I have only known her since June 2019.


Do you feel these options are good enough? I want to ask them all personally and have really shown motivation for getting my MSW. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The face that I have only known reference 2 and 3 for a short amount of time is what worries me.. maybe it's not allowed?

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I wouldn't worry as long as you think it's been enough time for them to get to know you well! One of my LORs I've only known since June, but our working relationship allowed us to really get to know each other in that short amount of time.

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I think it should be fine as long as they can strongly comment on your professional and/or academic aptitude. I will say just meeting with your recommenders and conveying why the program is right for you will ignite your passion and allow them to help you better. For example, I asked a previous boss (im in finance), he was initially shocked. However, when he had a chance to read my personal statement and why I wanted to make the career change, he wrote the most amazing letter for me.

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