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Hello Everyone,

 I am a junior doing double major in mathematics and Physics at large public university(top 200,US). I have decided to go to Stat grad school. By the time I graduate I will have taken all the classes mentioned below.  Do you all have any recommendations on what other classes should I take to make my application strong? Besides classes and GRE, what do you think I should focus on to make my application strong. I want to get to top 40sh(based on US news) stat program.

Mathematics Courses

Linear algebra
Differential equationsI/II
Calculus I,II,III,IV(computation based)
Advanced Calculus I and II(proof based/Intro to Real Analysis)
Mathematical statistics I/II(Graduate level)
Abstract Algebra(Graduate level)
Real Analysis I/II(will take next year)
Topology I(will take next year)
Mathematical Physics(Complex Analysis)

Physics Courses

Statistical Mechanics
Electromagnetism I and II
Waves and Optics
Quantum Mechanics
Modern Physics I and II

Computer Science

Intro to Data Science
Data Structures and Algorithms

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Your coursework is more than sufficient for admissions to Statistics programs. A potential concern may be about the rigor of the classes at your institution. Since you're not coming from a highly ranked institution, your letters of recommendation will matter a great deal. I would try to get the best possible ones that you can (i.e. they should come from professors who can say you're one of the top 5% of students they've ever taught and that you have strong research potential, etc.). Taking the math subject GRE may not be a bad idea either in your case -- you can always just not report it if the score isn't ideal.

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2 hours ago, sante951 said:

Thank you so much guys for your reply. Also, I am an international student. How much difference will it make if I am applying to the colleges with ranking in the range of 20-40?


You are right to be concerned if you are an international student -- though this may also depend on which region you are from. If you are from Asia or Europe, it may be tougher because you will be competing against those with degrees from the likes of Peking, Fudan, USTC, ISI, Oxbridge, ICL, etc., and these schools are *known* for intense rigor and producing outstanding PhD STEM students. It might be less tough if you are from Africa or Latin America.

I think it is worth applying to schools ranked 20-40 with some lower ranked schools, and to apply for several Masters programs to be on the safe side. With strong performance in a Masters program from an R1, you can likely get into schools like University of Florida and Ohio State for your PhD -- and possibly schools even at the level of University of Minnesota. I know some international students with BS/BA's from less prestigious schools in China/India who obtained Masters degrees from schools like Rutgers and then went on Statistics PhD programs at UMN, UF, etc.

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