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Usefulness of prior industry experience in MS/MA admission

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I graduated in 2016 with a Cognitive Science B.S. (GPA:2.2) from a public research university after working in a research lab during my four years as an undergrad. I was lucky to receive a job offer from one of the top tech companies and have been doing research in the industry since then. I was also fortunate to work with many talented peers that often hold advanced degrees. After working in the industry for 3 years, I am planning to go back to school to advance my skill because I felt I have a more definite goal of the topics I want to study. Instead of psychology/cogsci, I am looking into a few MS/MA programs with courses in advanced social analysis and qualitative research.

But after my terrible performance in undergrad, I am really concerned about getting into grad school.
I wonder, how much will my industry experience boost my chance of getting into one? I also took the GRE in my junior year without preparing for it, and I wonder should I either apply for Fall 2020 with my old scores or retake it and apply for Fall 2021. 

My Stats:
GPA: 2.2
GRE: 151 quant 149 verbal, 50% (Took it in 2015)
RA experience: 4 years in a developmental psychology lab
Industry experience: 3 years in a tech company.

Thank you all for reading. Any advice is appreciated.

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