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Clinical Psychology Ph.D. applicants - a good GRE score?

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Wondering from fellow Clinical Psych applicants what they think is a solid GRE score. Do you think there is a general benchmark that schools use? I've heard 155/155 or 310 total, but I've also heard 315.

Wondering as I made a risky choice to take the GRE close to deadlines, and have 158V/155Q for 313 total. I can't take it again until 11/30, and most of my applications are due 12/1. I'm guessing reporting unofficial scores is totally off the table (has anyone had success in reporting unofficial scores?).

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I think you're fine. As long as both are above 155, I'm pretty sure you will get through the filtering. What's your AWA score?

Granted that the rest of your application is great, I think you are competitive.

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