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Freaking out!!!!!!! Please help

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I've just been accepted into a very reputed Business school in an entirely different continent and my program starts in two months. I've wanted this for so long and now that I finally have the opportunity to do this I'm feeling anxious and scared out of my mind. 

There's this constant nagging in my head about how good I'll actually be at this. My masters program costs a bomb, as most business degrees do, and the added issue of being a non-resident student makes it all the more expensive. 

My worry is that I might not do so well in the program, and even if I do, I'm freaking out about future job prospects. 

I know in my heart that getting this degree is right but the noise in my head is making it impossible for me to relax for even a minute. 

I've been thinking of ridiculous things like, quitting, and rejoining the workforce (which will be no easy feet as I haven't worked for over 9 months now) 

Can someone please help me put things into perspective? 

Thanks in advance! 

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First of all, it’s absolutely normal to be scared, anxious and questioning your capability before beginning a masters. I certainly was. If you didn’t feel that way and instead felt very “safe”, I would take that as a sign that the program doesn’t offer you much in the way of growth.
Even if you end up really struggling, you owe yourself the chance to succeed. If you  withdraw from the program before even starting, you will almost certainly regret it. 
Regarding job prospects, any amount of time in graduate school, even if you don’t finish the degree, will only be helpful. There is the networking aspect whether you finish your degree or not, and if you do, having been out of the workforce for 9 months beforehand will be much less relevant and having your masters will certainly make you a stronger applicant. 

Again, you owe yourself the chance to succeed. Anxiety = doubt + hope/excitement. Focus on everything this program can do for you if you put your all into it!

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How about spending some time finding out where students in that program ended up going after graduation? If the majority of them landed decent jobs, that'd be a good news for you! If not, you get to know that you need to be prepared in advance, e.g., more projects, more network, more internship, during grad school. 

Best luck!! 

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