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A friend currently at SIPA sent me this email. Looks like decisions are still on track to come out before Monday!

The waiting is just brutal. I did some digging and found the first posts reporting results in each year's SIPA MPA admissions thread: 2019: 3/11, 6:30 PM EST 2018: 3/9, 3:43 PM EST 2017

I feel very happy, excited and proud of myself. I started studying English myself several years ago by watching CNN, reading book, doing Couchsurfing to practice my speaking .etc.. And with that effor

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On 12/2/2019 at 9:35 PM, keurimja said:

Good luck everyone! I heard Early Action decisions for the MPA program are scheduled to be released late December/early January. Can anyone confirm this?

Reading this forum for the last few years it looks like people start getting decisions in mid December 

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Programs applied (fall 2020): MPA-ID (HKS), MPA (WWS), MPA (SIPA), MPP (Ford)

Undergraduate (2004-07): University of Delhi, India (among top academic institutions in India)

Grade: No grades for this course; I underperformed in my undergrad becase of compelling financial constraints- 53% marks in absolute.

Undergrad Major: Economics Honours (entire course was focused on Economics only; we did not study anything else)

Graduation (2010-12): MBA from India's best MBA brand-IIM

GPA- 8.4/10 (Goldmedalist)

GRE Quant: 169

GRE Verbal: 155

GRE AW- 4.0

TOEFL: 110 (R-29, L-28, W-27, S-26)

Recipient of Foreign Fulbright Fellowship

Exp: Working with the Reserve Bank of India (Federal bank) for the last 7+ years; Joined as Manager- worked extensively in Financial Inclusion and Development planning. I played an instrumental role in bringing millions of underprivileged Indians in the fold of financial inclusion. I have highlighted this in my 'leadership' essay in HKS application. 

Besides, I also run my venture in reforming school-education in rural pockets of India, since 2015. Donated more than 60% of my salary for this cause and invested about 50000 USD to reform the education. I was invited as TEDx speaker for this initiative. My State Government requested RBI Governor to send me on deputation as Director (Education). During six months under this assignment, I have submitted 50-points reform agenda for the State of Uttar Pradesh which has population of 230 million people and more than 100000 schools.

I also founded a social responsibility club in IIM (MBA days) to fund the education of tribal children.

I have also worked extensively for polio-prevention and bringing vulnerable sex-workers into mainstream society. 

Strengths: Fulbright Fellow; Good academic record except undergrad (was state topper during school-days, and goldmedalist in MBA); Good quant score in GRE; Rich diversity in experience; Strong commitment for serving the humanity at large

LOR: Two references from Chief General Managers (respectably senior positions) in RBI and one recommendation from Director of my MBA college.

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30 minutes ago, Mr. Jameson said:

Just got accepted for the MPA-DP. There was no information on funding though. DId anyone else get a financial award?

Just got my acceptance as well. No word on funding, but it mentions that I should hear in the next few weeks, so who knows.

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It didn't say, it just was in the scholarship letter which is different than the acceptance letter. At the bottom of your account it says "The following letters are available for this account:" and one of them is for acceptance and the other is the scholarship one. Hopefully that is helpful!

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