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Can Astronomy prove history wrong

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Hi there,

I'm looking for an astronomer to discuss the work of Anatoly Fomenko's New Chronology for a new TV series.If anyone is familiar with his work I'd love to hear back. Using statistical analysis of ancient texts in conjunction with forensic astronomy Fomenko believes his research supports the idea that our history isn't as long as we think and what we know of our Ancient past was a fabrication by scholars and clergy during the Middle Ages. His research began in the early seventies when he attempted to solve the mysterious behavior of the moon that his predecessor NASA astrophysicist Robert Newton discovered during his work on the Apollo program. According to the ancient astronomical texts the moon mysteriously sped up between the years 800BC and 1000AD then returned to a more stable speed. Although Newton couldn't account for this mysterious behavior , Fomenko suggested that the ancient star charts being used for Newtons calculations were in fact forgeries themselves created by chroniclers of the Middle Ages. By analysing over 600 ancient chronicles Fomenko created what he calls the new Chronology . One of his most amazing claims is that Jesus was actually born in the late 1100's , That the Egyptian Zodiacs attributed to thousands of years before Christ actually occurred in the Middle Ages , meaning Egypt isn't as old as we think . Anyways , we're looking for curious people schooled in the field of Astronomy and Mathematics to speak to Fomenko's theories. If anyone out there is interested please hit me back.

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