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Applying to PhD get offered MA?

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How common in the United States is it to apply to a Ph.D. program in History and then receive an offer to join their MA program?

This has not happened to me (yet?) but I'm curious if this is something that does happen; if it is common, etc.


For background, I am completing my BA in Spring 2020 and applying directly to Ph.D. programs for the Fall.

Thanks friends!

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This happened to me last cycle. I wasn't accepted to the PhD program at NYU, but they offered me a spot in their MA program. I also got rejected from Columbia; they encouraged me to apply to the HiLi Masters program and accepted me a couple of days later with a scholarship. This might not be a common experience, but it does happen. 

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Same situation as @Titus Flavius, finished an MA program last year and am currently waiting on offers in my second round. Last cycle, I received two MA "referrals" and declined an additional offer to refer PhD app to an MA program. So 3 out of 10 programs at least. The MA program I attended was a risk and stressful because I did not receive 100% funding, and worked part-time all throughout. So far, I now have one acceptance from one of my top choices. If you are dedicated to continuing on to the PhD, the resources, guidance, and experience you get through completing an MA can make a big difference. Of course, this also depends on the institution you attend, the funding available, and the work you do there.

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