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Hey all~ 

Like some who have posted below, I'm having a great deal of difficulty choosing between two writing samples. One is quite polished, and the other is more ambitious which is why I am leaning toward it but less polished. Any advice in choosing would be appreciated, and I'd be glad to do an edit swap at any point! Thanks in advice. 

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Hi! I have seen it mentioned elsewhere before that you should pick a writing sample which aligns well with the subject matter and themes you hope to study.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about how best to showcase and describe my methodology goals lately. So, my writing sample features a lot of archival research, a little bit of museum theory, and less visual analysis than other papers might have, since this is the research method I would like to pursue in school.  Archives, museuology, reception studies, gender theory, etc.-- these are methods that many of the POIs with whom I want to study employ.  Perhaps thinking about what specific kinds of art history you’re doing in each paper vs. what specific kinds of art history each of your POIs do, or what you would like to do, will help you decide between the two.   Best of luck!!  And PM if you want to discuss a potential swap :)

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