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American Studies Fall 2020?

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23 minutes ago, theatergeek said:

Is there a chance a candidate could be accepted without interview? My friend didn't get an interview invitation and she is already given up on NYU. 

Personally, I'm just going to take my lack of an interview offer as an implied rejection. Not positive if that's true though. 

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Hi Clementine. I know the process can be discouraging but I wanted to just check in and let you know that its not over yet. Sometimes a program just doesn't have a right fit at the moment, or maybe th

Just checking in. It feels nice to know we are all checking this page together =]

Was unaware that Stanford had an American Studies grad program.

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I am wishing all of you all luck but just in thinking about in years past.. Yale, Harvard and Brown always seem to let folks know mid Feb to early March, this includes admits and rejections, so it should only be a little longer.. I am in the same boat for the geography and anthropology programs I applied to..

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2 hours ago, Blackbird7 said:

Who posted that they are on Austin’s waitlist as of today? Any details? (No pressure)

I didn't post yet but I was waitlisted this morning. The letter was pretty vague: short waitlist, students have made it off the list in previous years, and status may not be updated until late spring.

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9 minutes ago, mariahjewelalanis said:

Is anyone still waiting to hear from NYU?

I am... anxiously lol. I don't think it's looking too good though for people who haven't heard yet though. But I hope I'm wrong.  

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i havent heard anything from neither (Brown or Yale) not sure what that means..... did anyone get accepted into Brown or Yale? All I see is a bunch of rejections..... which I am sorry to hear this is a horrible time....... 

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