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CSULB School Counseling PPS Credential Fall 2020

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Hello Everyone, 

I didn't find a form for CSULB School counseling so i decided to start one. For those who have applied to the program and feel comfortable sharing your stats, please do! 

Good luck everyone!

GPA: 3.15

Internships/Extra Curricular activities: BBBS Org: Mentor | Fullerton College: Higher Education advocate | Orange County Community Housing Corporation: Academic Advisor | Human Services Student Association: Membership Chair

I don't have the best GPA and  know how competitive it is to get into the program at Cal State Long Beach but i am hoping that my internship and SOP helps me land an interview. Throughout my time in college, i have worked 40+ hrs a week, gone to school FT, and have managed to take on a couple internships. Currently, my application has been sent to the department and is under review. Once again, GOOOOOOOD LUCK!

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I hope you ended up getting into the program!! I am looking at applying for Fall 2021!

How was the application process? I am working on taking my CBEST now so I can apply to Dominquez Hills and APU just in case.


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