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DOE NNSA SSGF 2019-2020

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'sup.  I applied for SSGF, as it seemed well-aligned with my research and interests at the time.  As a senior in undergrad, though, I feel as the required proposed coursework plan with approval is a pretty stiff hurdle - it's a lot to ask a prof to work with one to design a curriculum to include one's interests that also serves stockpile interests when one has not yet been accepted to the prof's school and may not go if admitted.  It'd be nice to see that changed for future rounds.

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Hey! Great to see other people who have applied ☺️. I agree with you, a lot of these national fellowships really have some steep requirements if you're an undergrad: you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do and study. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I've read how these fellowships can give you pretty significant leverage when it comes to grad admissions. We'll know soon enough, the coordinator said decisions should be out around mid-March.

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