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Don't know if anyone has been in a similar situation but: I'm applying to CSUF and CSULA for their Master's program and on my Cal State Apply application I listed a school that I did noncredit courses at. However, I am unable to send official transcripts from this school because they do not have students who take only noncredit courses on file. On my CSDCAS, I was able to remove this school before submitting so that I only have schools listed that I can send official transcripts from. Therefore, there is a discrepancy between my Cal State Apply app and CSDCAS app. On my student portal for each school, it says to submit official transcripts from the school I took noncredit courses at. I'm at a loss at what to do...I was thinking of maybe showing enrollment verification by requesting through National Student Clearing House but I was wondering if anyone's been through a similar situation before and what did they do? 

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I have not been through a similar situation; it sounds tricky. Here's my thoughts...

  • In the portal where it asks you to upload the transcript, can you upload a document/pdf explaining what you explained here? I.e., "I enrolled at XYZ University and completed Example Class 101 for noncredit and per XYZ University policy, transcripts are not provided for noncredit classes. I can provide enrollment verification in the form of..." maybe even consider adding that enrollment verification as a second page to whatever you upload. 
  • Call the school in question and ask a real human there what to do
  • If you didn't earn credit for the courses at XYZ and XYZ has no record on file... I would assume the National Student Clearing House has no record either and so... just leave it blank? If the course wasn't for credit, and you're not trying to claim credit, it really shouldn't matter...right? Or am I missing something?

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