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I'm sorry hon, but I don't really think there's a chance with a GPA below 3.0. At least I haven't heard of any schools accepting a GPA that low. I would go through all the schools on the ASHA website and see what schools have the lowest GPA requirements, and what they are. How are your GRE scores? If they are near perfect, it will help a bit, but the GPA in SLP/CSD courses is usually the number one criteria for admittance. You might need to work as an SLPA for a year or two, take or re-take courses and do really well, then re-apply and plead your case that you have "grown" or "improved" in some way. 

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There are schools that accept students with a lower GPA. If you use the search function for this sub-forum and search low GPA or low GPA acceptances you can see where other people applied and accepted. Here are a few I've heard of off the top of my head.

Francis Marion University

University of South Carolina

Grand Valley State University

Xavier University of Louisiana




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I don't really understand the first part of your question. If your CSD GPA is very high like +3.8 and you have a commutative GPA that's below a 3.0 but not too low maybe a 2.9 and GRE scores in the 300s and have relevant experience you should be okay. But as for competitive schools I think what defines a less competitive school is location and how many applicants. Every program wants the best but they also want people who want to attend. Use ASHA EdFind to see how many applicants on average programs get. Saint Mary's doesn't get too many applicants, maybe look for new programs too?

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