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Hello everyone! I've applied to five schools, but I'm fairly certain I've already been implicitly rejected by three (99% sure about one of them). I've interviewed with the remaining two.

I'm a fairly untraditional applicant (or at least so I'm told, I still don't really understand the game at play), have good (170 V), and terrible (147 Q), and ok (4.5 AW) GRE scores, and am applying with fairly lucrative, external funding (or, again, at least so I'm told) to two of the five schools. 

Like other international applicants, I currently spend my days refreshing my email and searching for "East Asian" in the results forum, and my nights waking up to do the same. I wish everyone the best of luck.

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Good luck to all the folks who applied to UCLA. The China field has already made its two nominations to the department, so results should be out soon. Don't quote me 100% on this but I believe this year they're also using the waitlist, since the applicants to the China field are all really strong and we were, in fact, the second most applied to subfield in History.

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