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Fall 2020 Canadian College Graduate Applicants

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13 hours ago, the97kid said:

Have you submitted all the required documents? Did you check the portal to see if they had received and viewed your documents?

If they did then you'll probably hear from them. I was expecting them to like update the status of the application as time goes by but it only stated "In Progress" and then around mid last week boom they mailed me that I was rejected!!!

Other universities keep informing of the stage of review like "Submitted" "In Progress" "Under Review" "Under Department Review" and then comes the final decision but UBC never had aby of that!!! Even I started freaking out cuz it was "In progress" like for ever... 

Don't worry you'll hear from them soon.

Good Luck!! Wishing you the very best.

It only says "In-Progress" and "submitted". 

Thank you! (fingers-crossed) Good luck with your schools, too!

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Applied to McGill only, Computer Science PhD.

Haven't heard anything yet. Meet with potential supervisor in person but it seems that shes is not completely convinced but I can feel she is a little bit interested. I worked in Machine Learning however she is a robotics professor. It is April now seems I am out of hope.

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Is there anyone who applied for Winter 2021 Admissions in Canada? 

I have applied to 


Universite de Montreal 

Universite de Laval 

for Winter 2021 admissions. 

Does anyone know how different Fall vs Winter admissions will be? I understand smaller cohort admitted but just not sure in terms of waiting time to hear back

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