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I applied to the Core SLP MS program at the University of Washington for Fall 2020 admission. This is definitely my reach school, but they have everything I want in a program. One of my professors who wrote my LOR also pushed me to apply, so I figured I'd shoot my shot. I also noticed that in the last three years, applications to the Core SLP program has decreased from 262 applicants (FA17) to 186 applicants (FA19). Their range of GPAs and GRE scores are wide, but on average applicants from last year had a 3.82 cum, 3.89 last 90 credits; GREs 4.5W, 154Q, and 158V. (https://sphsc.washington.edu/master-science-ms

The department states that there is no minimum GRE and that they view all applications, but I know UW is competitive. My SHS GPA is 3.94, but I have low GREs and a low cum. I have a plethora of relevant experience and great LORs. I was hoping to get some insight from anyone who has been admitted in the previous years or is a current student on what my chances are. Since it is my reach school, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but like I said this school is everything I could dream of in a graduate program. I have a pretty crappy first two years of transcripts from community college, but have drastically improved my grades and experience since then. 

In addition, I would love any tips/comments from current UW SPHSC students on what the program is like!

  • 3.94 major, 3.26 cum, 3.66 last 90q/60s credits
  • 146Q, 146V, 4.0W 
  • First-generation student
  • Recipient of university SHS scholarship junior year for department leadership, academic success and community outreach 
  • Year and a half of ABA experience working with clients on top of balancing classes
  • Current year-long internship with an organization that helps families impacted by autism
  • 3 month weekly internship/volunteer under an SLP in the stroke unit at a rehabilitation hospital 
  • 4 month weekly volunteer experience as a classroom assistant in an early-toddler learning center
  • Year long weekly volunteer as a "reading buddy"; reading to at-risk students at an elementary school 
  • President position in a speech & hearing RSO that presents on behalf of the profession to students in medically-underserved and rural areas
  • NSSHLA member/multicultural club member 
  • Certificate from a two-year, federally-funded multidisciplinary program that focuses on training future professionals to transform rural healthcare

My letter of intent/personal history statement mentions the family challenges I've overcome that was demonstrated through my previous academic performance. Entering this field has totally changed who I am as a student and as a person. I hope admission committees look at more than just numbers. :)

Thank you and good luck to everyone! 

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