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Interview results of school with 2 Interview Weekends

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Hi guys, I attended an Interview Weekend at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) from Jan 15 - Jan 19. I was told they would start sending out offers in Feb which makes sense since they have another Interview Weekend this week from Feb 4 - Feb 9. However, I saw someone posted an acceptance on Jan 24 on results page a week after the 1st interview weekend. It's a relatively small programme so no more results have shown up since. Do you think I should start panicking now since I haven't received anything and a rejection is probably coming next week? Or maybe just the super exceptional candidates were told after the first weekend and they're just waiting to see how this weekend goes to send further acceptances/decisions? Anyone else heard/know something? Aghhhh the wait is dreadful and this programme is def my top choice 😬

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Beyond receiving additional information from them (e.g. something they said at interview, an email response, etc.) the best you can do is look at previous years to see what they did then.

In general, some schools do treat the interview weekends separately and will invite people from the first weekend even if it happens before the second weekend, etc. Some schools wait until the second weekend and evaluate everyone together then send invites.

It could also just be a troll who posted a fake result or somebody who received unofficial information.

I wouldn't worry about it too much until you see acceptances after the second weekend.

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