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Design/Tech - NYU ITP, Parsons D&T, Berkeley MDes etc.

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This is very individual, but for me I think the fact that DT is an MFA degree with more focus on art and not just design + programing is a plus, because that's the environment where I feel most comfor

I got into Parsons DT and NYU ITP,  both with 50% merit scholarship. ❤️ Congrats to everyone who posted above, and thanks for sharing your thought process of which program seems the right fit! Th

For anyone wanting to share thoughts and discuss ITP vs DT (or just general thoughts about each program for those who is not considering both) @MA2596 created a new topic here: @yona @very

8 hours ago, yoooundi said:

I got an accept email last week!

Congratulations on your admit! What do you think about this school? I got accepted to this program as well and I'm curious about the opinions about this school.

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I already got the accept letter from A school and I am waiting for accept or reject mails from other 3 schools.

A school gave me the deadline which are Mar 3rd and I asked them to give me extend deadline and they gave me by Mar 10th.

However, I haven't hear anything from other 3 schools yet, then could I ask A school to give me more date to decide?


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5 minutes ago, ciwy13 said:

Congratulations!! The wait is finally over :’) I also got an admission letter; you thinking of accepting? 

Congrats to you too! Haha so happy that wait is over, it has been driving me totally nuts recently.. I will at least wait to hear back from Parsons before making a final decision, but right now I am absolutely thinking yes. For me it will also depend on scholarship and funding.

Also haven't heard from SVA IxD yet.

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1 minute ago, ixdmfaplease said:

Congratulations @voxpop and @ciwy13 !!!

We should hear from SVA and Parsons in less than a week too but I’m sure you’re relieved right now! 

Thank you!! It's such a relief for sure.

I hope they get back to us soon, I am so ready to just finally be enrolled and have this waiting period be done with for good lol.

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10 minutes ago, ciwy13 said:

Thank you!! I got rejected from SVA (don’t have a traditional design background), but am also waiting back on Parsons. What are y’all’s thoughts on ITP vs. DT? @voxpop @ixdmfaplease

This is very individual, but for me I think the fact that DT is an MFA degree with more focus on art and not just design + programing is a plus, because that's the environment where I feel most comfortable. In the group interview at ITP it really seemed like 50% had a background in engineering/computer science majors and 50% in art/design. That combination of people seems really unique to ITP, or at least even more "extreme" than at DT - and I think that's really cool. I do have the impression that the environment and relationship between the students and with faculty is better and more personal at ITP, but I have no real basis for saying that.

I think for me it would have to come down to the courses. Go through each course offered at both schools and choose the one where I am the most exited about the highest number of courses offered.

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Hi, congrats to all who got accepted to NYU ITP! I also got an offer yesterday and is pretty excited.

I want to ask about scholarships. I applied to the secondary deadline and did not expect any scholarships (since the competitive deadline was Dec 1st), but did receive some scholarship in the end, which I'm grateful for! I'm waiting for Parsons DT and see if they have better offerings, but is considering to appeal for more funding since I'm an international student and has already undergone a pretty expensive undergrad. How's everyone doing in term of funding, and can you give me some tips or advices on this? The FAQ section said you can only appeal if your main financial support (parents, etc.) have undergone a change and need more support. But I also understand that as more applicants confirm or reject their offers, many of the scholarships get re-awarded as well?

 Would really appreciate any help!

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10 hours ago, HCIHopeful said:

@the-panda-ninja and @UXGuy, have you heard back from IUB? I too gave my interview in the first week of February and haven't heard back from them since then.

I haven't heard back yet. Last year, they published the admission decisions around March 13th. So, I hope they will send the email this week or the beginning of next week.

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On 2/26/2020 at 9:53 AM, the-panda-ninja said:

Hey guys! I am applying for HCI related courses for Fall 2020. I attended interviews for Indiana Bloomington. CMU, and NYU this month. Looking to hear back from Cornell, UMD, UW, UofToronto, UC Boulder, and GaTech. 

Saw that Georgia Tech started sending out admits for Master's in HCI already! Didnt hear back from them myself. Really anxious about it since it is a dream school of mine :(

@the-panda-ninja Did you receive any admission decision from CMU/GaTech/UMD/UW yet?

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