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Since everyone is starting to post results, I thought I'd make a general thread so people can post Q & A, get moral support, etc.


To the person asking about the result I posted r.e. a visitation invite to ERAU, the answers to your questions are:  to my knowledge the invite is just for Human Factors (it came directly from one of the HF faculty, anyway), yes I am attending the visitation (not sure yet if I will enroll in the program if I receive an offer), and is there anything in particular you wanna know that I should update you on specifically?

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On 2/19/2020 at 1:59 PM, Mindset said:

How’s everyone holding up? I’ve seen a lot of responses for counseling, dev, clinical but not so much for Cognitive or Applied

Not well. I applied to 4 schools and haven't heard anything from any of them >>>bracing for the worst<<<.

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