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2021 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admissions Results

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I know it's early but...is it ever really too early to start a community so we can all help each other out with this crazy process?  I don't know about all of you, but applying this year is all I can

My research interests are incredibly specific and very niche so I don't imagine myself applying to more than a handful of programs. I actually only have 2 in mind at the moment.

I applied this round (for 2020 fall admissions) good luck you guys! Also just want to throw this out there - Drexel's College of Medicine is a good program that is often overlooked! Check it out if yo

On 11/18/2020 at 5:54 PM, neurolingr said:

Personally, getting excited/nervous! I am going to submit my apps next week before the December 1st deadline, since my final LOR should be in by the end of this week. With COVID, I have been working on these for so long so I am excited to just get them submitted and have that aspect over with! Then, the waiting game  begins 😬! How about you @puppiesandyoga31?

Just submitted my final application yesterday. I told all my letter writers back in September that I needed the letters by Nov 1st, the latest letter got submitted Nov 4 (and that was only because we had a hurricane right before Halloween that knocked out power for many people for 3-6 days). Feels good to have them in so I can focus on wrapping up my final semester of undergrad (I graduate in less than 3 weeks-w00t)

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