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Waitlisted MFA Acting 2020

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Hey shecutetho!

I've also been waitlisted at Brown. You don't happen to also be 'iamstressed' on the Backstage forum, do you? If that's not you not then there's at least one more of us!

The waiting is tough for sure. I'm sure that we won't hear anything until decisions from the callback weekend schools have gone out sooooo movie watching, long books, and lots of walks until late March?

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Hey @coriver I am "Iamstressed" HAHAHAHAH. I am so happy there are two of us so far!! I am thinking the same thing as far as the callbacks weekends etc. Brown seemed to be the first school to give out offers, so the waiting is... extreme. hahaha! Here is to hoping that the people who were given acceptance offers choose another school! Rooting for them so hard. 

Are you waiting on other places as well? I only auditioned at three schools, so I am only waiting it out for Brown (lol no pressure at all Angela Brazil)

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Hahah amazing. No kidding about the early offers! I feel like it's been three years since January auditions. I know Angela said on our call that they have a "very short" waitlist this year, and I know at least one actor accepted to Brown who is headed to Yale and NYU callbacks. So definitely rooting for their success (and maybe ours :))

I am headed to the Juilliard weekend which is my one audition left undecided. No matter how it all goes - what a ride!

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Yes, what a ride! Okay that is really helpful info. Also congrats on Juilliard callback weekend, that is awesome!! Yes, when Angela called me she said that they don't extend the waitlist offer lightly, they have to use it every year, so truly... fingers crossed for us and all the other accepted actors! Hopefully everyone ends up where they want!

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On 4/2/2020 at 7:07 PM, shecutetho said:

Okay friends!

just got an email that I am released from the Brown waitlist.... so 🤷‍♀️ 

I know how it feels having been an alternate to what I thought was my dream school .. two years in a row. Auditioning for grad school made me a much stronger artist / person. I finally got accepted to a program this year — one I never imagined I would be accepted to 2 years ago. After spending the weekend there I knew it was the place for me. I felt ready and I had something unique to contribute. We all cope with this in different ways but please keep focusing on the work, on yourself and what makes you unique; the unique perspective you bring into the world. If you approach this grueling process with a growth mindset.. it will happen! 

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