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M.Ed Counselling and Psychotherapy UFT 2020

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Hi everyone,

has anyone applied to the M.Ed in counselling and Psychotherapy at University of Toronto? Have you heard back yet? 

I thought of creating this thread to discuss our backgrounds, work experience and our entire application experience followed by the results (when we get them).

I have 4 years of experience working in a renown first episode psychosis clinic as a symptom evaluator and neuropsychological evaluator. I conducted various clinical asessments, diagnoses, in depth psychiatric evaluations of in and out patients, wrote medical histories, case reviews and conducted intreviews with patients and family members. I have also worked in clinical research ( neurocognitive science ( doing ECGs) and perinatal mental health labs, MRI labs). I have a publication in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 

I graduated 7 years ago with an Undergrad in Psychology and Behavioral sciences and minor in education. My status on SGS website is : under review.

Hoping to hear back from other applicants. Good luck to everyone!

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Hi Knav,

I also applied to this program and just heard back yesterday with an offer of admission. I got an email with the title 'Decision Reached for Your University of Toronto Application" and to see it, I had to log into the portal and open a pdf of a letter. 

As for my application experience, U of T had the least amount of specific requirements. I also applied to the University of Victoria and I had to take 3 pre-requisite courses at their University just to be considered. For my application at U of T, when I converted my CV to a PDF to submit, it cut off a line and when I emailed U of T after realizing the mistake, they were unwilling to help. All this to say, it was a more hands-off experience than with UVic. 




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Hey I was wondering if anyone is willing to share their experience with GPA, my CPGA is pretty low around 2.7 but my SubGPA in my 3rd year is around 3.0 and I am planning to raise it a lot higher in my final year. I don't know if this will be high enough, I plan to only apply this fall and I won't be done my 4th year until April of next year 2021. Anyone with advice or what your GPA and experience looked like when you were accepted would be helpful! I am studying psychology right now as a major. I also have experience in various mental health facilities as well as like a career counsellor. 

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