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Hi! I got accepted to Pacific University (my number one choice) but I just got an email saying the audiology course I took in undergrad does not meet their requirement. I am freaking out because I don’t think they offer this course over summer and I need to have it completed by August. Diana emailed me a ‘course matching’ document, where I input the details of the course I took and the admissions committee will decide to accept it or not. Has anyone else been in this position and can give any recommendations or advice? I fear I may not be able to start grad school this year for a dumb reason. Please help!

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Look around and see if you can take the course somewhere else (e.g. online or a local school) and then once you find something, contact the program and see if it will meet their requirements.

Often, programs will let you take "missing" classes while in grad school as part of your electives or whatever, so I'm not sure why it's not the case here when they already decided to accept you.

If you're not having luck, reiterate that you really want to attend the program, offer to take the class while there, and ask for advice or options.

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