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NSERC C/PGSD 2020-2021

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Phew, good thing we didn't panic at all about these emails 😂  

I sent a follow up email asking if everyone will eventually receive this email, and the response was:   Hello,   It will be sent to all applicants.   Thank you, Corinn

"creative" is a very polite way of putting it! I would rather have had radio silence for one more day and then the result! Not gonna be able to get any work done for the next 24 hours!

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1 minute ago, StructIntern said:

seems like they are starting from the lowest numbered committee and work their way to highest number

I don't think this is right - I'm committee 195 and someone above received their results in committee 196. I'm still waiting! Seems random to me

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1 minute ago, StructIntern said:

I am sure when you put a group of PhD students in a forum during a pandemic, we can work out how the results are released based on limited data and publish a paper out of that

i think it may be last name starting from z->a ?? mostly got t's, o's, s's

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