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NSERC C/PGSD 2020-2021

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Phew, good thing we didn't panic at all about these emails 😂  

I sent a follow up email asking if everyone will eventually receive this email, and the response was:   Hello,   It will be sent to all applicants.   Thank you, Corinn

"creative" is a very polite way of putting it! I would rather have had radio silence for one more day and then the result! Not gonna be able to get any work done for the next 24 hours!

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Hi All, I got CGS-D3 scholarship. Committee 197 (Electrical Engineering). Ranking: 3/71. It got updated by 1:53 pm EST.  My Last name starts from 'N'. I wish others the best. 

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Added the time that the documents dropped in.
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25 minutes ago, circuitsPhD said:

Just got a PGS-D3 in committee 197. MittensProject what was your ranking for the CGS I was ranked 13.

Congrats! The CSG-D ranking cut-off point seems to be relatively lower for EE compared to other committees!


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