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oxbridge terminal masters

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Maybe the wrong place to post this, but I'm looking for some advice about whether to attend a program.

Basically, got into a masters at oxbridge. It seems like a fantastic program and the supervisor is a great fit. I've dreamt of being able to do this research for years.

The problem is that the chance of getting funding is very slim. This means that I'm on the line for 50k+.

I'm in a bit of a unique position in that I'm already enrolled in a professional degree program. My debt load, is fortunately low considering the length of time I've been in school (<40k). Finding a job in my field is not an issue.  However, pursuing this masters means the difference between owing 100k vs. closer to 200k when I'm finally finished with my education.

I plan on pursuing a career as both an academic and professional, which is where my interest in history comes in. I would be like to develop a research program that has a focus in history and this masters would help me in this goal. There aren't many people with these credentials in my field so I could carve out a niche for myself. I'm not sure how feasible it will be for me to pursue an eventual doctorate in history, however, so this might make it more difficult to have my research considered more seriously, receive grants etc. An Oxbridge degree might also help elevate my career to a more "international" level. That said, I could probably achieve close to everything I want without a history degree from Oxbridge. It has also been suggested to pursue a masters later on in my career when I would have guaranteed funding, but then it would not be possible to attend Oxbridge.

The opinions I've received from others on whether to attend are mixed. Almost all of the faculty I've spoken to working in either my field or history are encouraging. Maybe they're just being nice?

Sorry, I'm trying to stay as vague as possible but it's difficult given my situation. Feel free to PM me for more details.

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IMO its not worth going into debts... I turned down both Oxbridge masters offer myself three years ago because they don’t really have fundings for their MA. There’s many other good (funded) MA programs in history in the UK ;) 

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I'm not sure what you mean by a career both as "academic and a professional". I confess I choked a little bit because I considered myself a professional academic but maybe I'm wrong? 😆

Anyway, if you want to be in academia, like doing research and teaching, you'll need a PhD so I'll suggest going to a funded doctoral program. An MA would serve other purposes. Can you do research with an MA? Absolutely, you can do research without it. I know many, many historians in my research area that are journalists, businessmen, or just bored people. However, if you want to "develop a research program", like in a university, with funding, then you'll need the credentials to show you can begin and finish a long, book-length, historiographical-engaging, groundbreaking research project. Today, that means a PhD. 

Your post is a little too vague so my commentary is too. 

Finally, let me be clear on something: I know a prestigious name on your CV means a lot. Believe me, however, doing an MA just because it's prestigious and going into debt for it does not seem like a very smart move.  

PS: Do you know anyone who has attended this masters? 

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